Display Error Alert Message in laravel 10

In Laravel, error messages can be displayed to the user when validation fails or when an exception occurs. Laravel provides a convenient way to retrieve and display these error messages. Here Laravel Display Error Messages Example Tutorial shows you a step-by-step guide on how to show error messages in Laravel.

Displaying Validation Errors

When working with form validation, Laravel’s validation system automatically redirects the user back to the previous page with the error messages. To display these error messages, follow these steps:

Update Your Controller File

First update your method with the return message which you want to show the user whats he put.

return back()->with('error', 'The error message here!');

or return redirect error message.

return redirect()->with('error', 'The error message here!');
In your Blade File

Now add bellow code in you blade file where you want to show the errors message.

    <div class="alert alert-danger">
        {{ session()->get('error') }}

You can sent infor, danger, warning session messages from controller to displaying in blade file easily by adding the below code:

return redirect()->with('info', 'The info message!');
return redirect()->with('danger', 'The dangermessage!');
return redirect()->with('warning', 'The warningmessage!');

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That’s it! You have learned how to show error messages in Laravel. Whether it’s displaying validation errors or handling exceptions, Laravel provides convenient methods to retrieve and display error messages to the user.

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