php artisan make:auth command in Laravel 6+ Versions

Laravel now release version 6.0 and here not many changes but in authentication laravel removed php artisan make:auth command. If you are installing a fresh laravel 6 then you need to add below new command for authentications. Laravel added new laravel/ui package for authentication which is provides a quick way to scaffold all of the routes and views you need for authentication. Checkout the latest auth command in laravel 5, aravel 6, laravel 7 or laravel 8 versions.

Old Authentication Command

We all know,  below command was used to create the authentication scaffolding.

php artisan make:auth

New Authentication Command

This below command laravel setup authentication in new way. To running the Auth command add below command for your laravel project.

First Install the laravel/ui Composer package with the following command:

composer require laravel/ui

and then run the following command in a new Laravel 6.0 application:

php artisan ui vue --auth

After installing laravel/ui you have a couple of commands available to generate UI code, including authorization. Laravel 6 has moved the Auth Scaffolding into a seperate package. This command should be used on fresh applications and will install a layout view, registration and login views, as well as routes for all authentication end-points. A HomeController will also be generated to handle post-login requests to your application’s dashboard.

You can run the ui:auth command adding below command.

php artisan ui:auth

You can also generate the views only with:

php artisan ui:auth --views

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So dear auth command laravel 6 is completed now. To learn more about the authentication and new auth UI packages, check out the official Authentication Documentation.

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