Laravel age calculate from date using carbon

Laravel Age Calculate from Date using Carbon Example; In this tutorial you will learn how to calculate Age from date stored in database in Y-m-d or other format using Laravel.

You can get the calculation of age from controller, model and show in view blade file easy way. This tutorial help you how to calculate carbon age in laravel 5, laravel 6, laravel 7, laravel 8 or laravel 9.

These below examples you can calculate age from stored date in the database which is in this format Y-m-d or datetime format. If you have a birthday column in your database then you can easily get the age of the user using carbon.

Example 1:

public function index()
    $dateOfBirth = '1992-07-02';
    $years = \Carbon\Carbon::parse($dateOfBirth)->age;




Example 2:

public function index()
    $dateOfBirth = '1995-12-20';
    $years = \Carbon\Carbon::parse($dateOfBirth)->diff(\Carbon\Carbon::now())->format('%y years');



"25 years"

Example 3:

In your model, import the Carbon class:

use Carbon\Carbon;

And append a column then use the mutator just like below:

protected $appends = ['age'];

public function getAgeAttribute()
   return Carbon::parse($this->attributes['birthday'])->age;

You can then call age as if it was a regular attribute. For example in a blade view:

<p>{{ $user->age() }} years</p>

I hope these examples help you…

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